Delmas 32 church and school story

This ministry was founded by an evangelist pastor Name ” pastor Yvener Opont” in September 1992.  This Evangelist pastor used to preach crusades over Haiti and in September1992 he decided to preach a crusades at Delmas 32 the second poorest area of Haiti. During that week more than fifty (50) people came to Jesus and he gave them appointment to teach them and worship with them the next Sunday and then to give them recommendation to attend the closest church according to their addresses because he wasn`t a pastor but an Evangelist. One of them Said: “we are more than fifty and we were blessed this morning, why can`t we exist as a church?” That idea convince him to start this church the third Sunday of September.

During the school year, as pastor Yvener was coming to the area and saw a lot of kids were running in the street just because their parents were so poor and couldn`t  afford to put them at school, pastor Yvener started a school on his name to help the poorest of the poor to get educate. He looked for sponsors, paid teachers, fed the kids.

In 1997, myself pastor previl Opont, I was his assistant while I was at the second year at the First Baptist Seminary in Haiti. Two years letter in January 8, 1999 he passed away while I was going to graduate in May and I took over this ministry with God`s grace in difficult situation. With lot of Evangelism activities, the church building became too small and I convince the members to increase the church building by raising funds. Like  the Macedonian People, they even stay without eating to give to have a bigger place to receive the lost of this crowed community because I teach them like God told Paul in the book of Acts chapter 18 that He has a crowd to save in Delmas32.

From 2000 to 2008 we were able to save a big about of money and we started the expansion of the building and finished it at the end of 2009. Unfortunately, the early horrible earthquake of 2010 destroyed the former building and damage the expansion. My people got depressed and we had to worship at a corner of member`s house for more than 7 months. By God grace and with the support of our brothers and sisters in the North America, we were able to erect a temporary sanctuary where we worship now and last year we started the reconstruction of the building for the ministry. The church will be upstairs and the school will be downstairs. We`re able to accomplish 1/3 of the work and stop working due to money problem.  The 2/3 will cost about $75,000US. What you see is the post of both side of the construction the temporary sanctuary and the true construction. People at church are very vulnerable after the earthquake and can`t even contribute in any way. Therefore we keep on trusting God to provide for this construction according to His word. If God also put in anyone heart to help in any way either to continue the construction, to pay teachers for the poor kids to get educate or to feed them, you`re welcome to do so.  We`re also available to receive your visit to encourage God`s people.


Pictures – progress of the rebuilding project